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There Is Still Dew On The Grass In America

There Is Still Dew On The Grass In America
There Is Still Dew On The Grass In America

There is a lot of hype, and very little good information out there. An empty image is President, and if we were not careful, we might easily think that America is on a constantly-sloping hill downwards.

But if we look at the facts on the ground, we see a huge underlying uptrend. We, our parents' generation, their parents' generation, and many before, have all been fighting this fight, for a very long time. We are only the latest baton-holders. And the people are more educated today than they have ever been. Education is our greatest ally, and is the enemy of our enemy.

It is hard to believe, but seventy years ago, Americans were banned from buying gold, and those who did own it were called "enemies of the state". The people are a great deal more educated today, and I am sure would not stand for such totalitarianism. We are not on a linear slope. Speak to any educated Texan, and they are fully aware of the idea that Texas was "forced back into the union at the barrel of a gun". It is an idiom that runs deep. But I want to tell you that it could not happen today. The world is a very different place. Forget the dangers of the modern world, and take advantage of the opportunities. We have an educated, vital populace on our side, with an implicit expectation of freedom.

I don't want to make this too much about the Fed, which is a hugely complex issue, but we shouldn't forget that a central Bank is a key requirement of Marxism. I think they would have enormous difficulty creating the Fed today. Again, things are not on as linear a trend as many believe.

Don't ever give in to pessimism. A tyrannical system will always try to appear undefeatable, to make people fearful: the old "resistance is futile" routine. It's nonsense. It's a tiny little spider, and the American People are a giant with a rolled-up newspaper. The spider is quaking in its eight little boots. America does still have a chance.

Make no mistake, the leftist propaganda machine pushes ideas of pessimism and futility streamed alongside the obvious liberal biases. The sooner a majority of people notice the multi-layered nature of the propaganda, the better.

I strongly recommend people give up the TV habit. The power of TV manipulation is very high. Approximately half the audience of the network news is fully aware of the liberal propaganda, and yet sits there, teeth clenched, feeling ever-more pessimistic.

Some people would try to close the curtains, and convince America that the day is late. But not only is it morning, but there is still dew on the grass in America.

2:33 PM, Tuesday 1st September, 2009Category American Exceptionalism


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