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Rush Limbaugh: Google in bed with Obama WH, results on him negative "by design, and on purpose"

Rush Limbaugh: Google in bed with Obama WH, results on him negative
Rush Limbaugh

Reports of bias in Google results are coming in very fast recently. Microsoft has filed lawsuits alleging that Google favors its own websites. And conservative commentators have accused it of anti-freespeech bias for many years.

Contrary to popular belief, Rush Limbaugh is usually very reserved in saying such things. He has often been quoted on his radio programme as saying that he is aware of the responsible position he has, and is thus considerate about what he says.

But Rush directed some very harsh language at Google on Tuesday, noting that Google has developed an oddly close relationship with the current White House, and reserving particular criticism for Googles results for his website, offering that the results were from "obscure places you never knew existed", and by implication had an artificially-inflated Google ranking.

Big news: Rush on Google, this Tuesday

As a longtime user of alternatives to Google, I'm not surprised by this. The Veterans day problem was what made it clear to me that Google had the classical signs of a leftist, America-hating organization - honoring every trivial day, but never anything that is rooted in good, traditional America. A lot of conservatives don't like to talk about such things as what holidays Google chooses to honor, saying that it's their business, they can do what they like - and they're absolutely right. But that kind of thing can be a tip-off to the underlying organizational culture. Google does something for veterans' day now, after so much publicity, it's clear they are only doing it to placate people, rather from any belief. And last year's 'honor' was cartoonish, and I thought rather trivializing.

An Internet with many popular search engines is a better Internet for freedom, and I hope that other search engines gain some ground on Google.

11:56 AM, Thursday 18th March, 2010Category Media


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