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Joseph Stack: Another Media-Provoked Killer

Joseph Stack: Another Media-Provoked Killer
clockwise from top-left: a Secret Service guard stands alert after the attempted assassination of President Reagan, a leftist burns a picture of President Bush, Jeremy Olsen who was arrested for throwing objects at Sarah Palin, and Joseph Stack, the 9/11-style attackler who killed two in Austin

Joseph Stack, the anti-capitalist who killed two yesterday in a 9/11-style attack in Austin, published a "manifesto" online, which ends with the communist creed.

What is most striking about this man's ramblings is that they read, at times, very similarly to a Keith Olbermann (MSNBC host) monologue.

We find many of the contradictory ideas to which today's Left holds. To Mr. Stack, George Bush was a "puppet", but yet he had "cronies". To Mr. Stack, General Motors executives were reliant on their "overwhelming stupidity" for being "thugs" and "plunderers". Mr Stack had also been convinced of the idea that "insurance companies are murdering tens of thousands of people a year" (Where did he get that idea? Olbermann: ObamaCare Opponents 'Killing 45000 People/Year,').

It is clear this man derived much of his manifesto from leftist big media, which has become much more extreme in recent years.

But how many times have we seen this?

How about John Hinckley? The man who tried to kill President Reagan was brimming with media inspiration.

Thankfully none of the many leftists who expressed a desire to kill President Bush ever had an opportunity to live out their media-inspired ideas. But there are many pictures available of them acting those ideas out, with fire and violence.

And most recently one Mr. Jeremy Olson was arrested for throwing objects at Sarah Palin while she was holding her baby son. And what was the media response to this media-inspired event? They lamented the fact that the man missed his target.

Big media has gone too far in their constant attacks of republicans and conservatives.

Big media are creating people like Mr. Stack every day, ostensibly as a side-effect of their attempt to radicalize liberals into leftist ACORN-type activists.

How many more media-provoked killers before we say that MSNBC cannot run 16 hours of Bush-hate every day?

How many more media-provoked killers before we say that CBS cannot run 45 minutes of Palin-hate every evening?

10:26 AM, Friday 19th February, 2010Category International Socialists


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