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History Teaches Us This: Watch Your Back When Things Are Going Well (Edited)

History Teaches Us This: Watch Your Back When Things Are Going Well (Edited)
Support for Obama is free-falling, as any educated person could see that it would.

Support for Obama is plummetting. The American people are realizing what many of us have known since 2007 - Obama is a leftist agitator who is completely incapable of being a competent POTUS.

And for this, we are thankful.

But if the history of the last 60 years teaches us anything, it's that the left can be extremely nasty when their backs are up against the wall.

And their backs are very much up against the wall right now. They built this clown up as their messiah, and now he's looking like a one-termer who will have a worse reputation than Jimmy Carter. They will really, really, really not like that.

So I'm going to come out of the closet. Not only am I a proud Birther, but I am also a Deather. I think that yes, the left is devious enough to have this guy killed, or fake his death, sometime between now and the election, in order to send an emotional shockwave through America, and gain political momentum that could last them 40 years.

Look at it this way: say there is a 99% chance that us "Deathers" are wrong. Great. We genuinely hope so. But a 1% chance that the Left will screw America completely up, set back race relations 100 years, and secure left-wing democrat power for 40, is too much of a risk to take.

In that 1% scenario, the only way to prevent it is to make it as public as possible, before the event.

So please, while you're out there on the Internet, and you see weird stories that involve Obama's death in some way, such as MSNBC's Ed Schultz saying the "republicans are trying to politically assassinate Obama", or that "his security detail should be hand-picked by him and swear an oath to him", or when you see stories that show clearly that this administration is planning for only one term, such as Mao baubles on the Christmas tree, not even feigning church attendence, refering to "my muslim faith", and others, you might quickly remind people that only the left would benefit from that.

Don't do what conservatives usually do when things are going well, and get complacent. Because that's usually when the world jumps round and bites our rear end.

12:43 AM, Friday 6th August, 2010Category International Socialists


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