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Answering Islam

Answering Islam
Preposterous questions must still be answered.

I had long heard about the answering-islam.org website. I think the site is very important, as it is important for our civilization to answer Islam.

They say, on the site, that it is mainly for dialog with muslims. But also, Islam must be answered to non-muslims. Since 9/11, all of the issues regarding Islam have been pushed into our culture, and our culture does not have a unified response to those issues.

I had heard about the "answering-islam" website for a long time before I actually read it, and I assumed that "answering islam" was about that - about answering those issues which islam raises to us.

Issues such as, islam (as practised by 99% of muslims) says that women in the west are whores, because they do not cover up completely. What is our unified response to that? Our unified response is basically "no, [snort!] you're wrong!". But you cannot assume that is a good enough response. You must intellectually respond to such questions, or the question gains momentum.

We do have answers to these questions, but we must be clear about them, making them plain to ourselves, and everyone else. We have learned from the onslaught of leftism over the last 50 years that "you're stupid, go away" does not effectively extinguish the fire of stupidity.

Our answer to the above question is that we are proud of a civilization in which a woman is able to be a woman without fear, and molestation is dealt with as a serious crime. They focus on a few examples because it makes them feel self-righteous to do so. Focusing on a few examples is a game anyone can play.

Much of the "answering-islam" website actually says things like "the quran says that Jesus is more than just a prophet in this verse" - ie. it is a Christian apologetic for muslims using the quran. So this is very much aimed at muslims. This being the case, "truth about islam" would be a better brand than "answering islam", which is not going to gain much muslim audience, as the very title is conceptually threatening. "Answering islam" should be a site for non-muslims, fully answering those questions which islam raises to us.

We do have answers to those questions, and we must articulate those answers, and take the questions seriously.

8:57 AM, Sunday 7th March, 2010Category Islam


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